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  • 05/29/17--17:02: Rival Magazine Storage?
  • I am looking for a good way to carry 12 round rival magazine on a battle belt or plate carrier. I don't want to spend $15 on a 3d printed holder for 1-2 mags. I was using these:



    Which are fine for carrying a few magazines, but I want to carry about a dozen and 12 flashlight holders would use my entire battle belt. What I'm hoping exists is something that will hold 5-6 magazine arranged vertically and only use up 2-3 molle loops. I own a variety of dump pouches/holsters/admin pouches etc and none of them are quite right (they're mostly not tall enough).


    What do you guys use to carry rival magazines? I'm open to pretty much any suggestions that will let me carry 10-12 magazines and cost less than $40 total. That can be one big pouch, two small ones, a thigh rig, whatever. I just need it to not take up a ton of real estate since I need to carry other gear as well.



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  • 05/31/17--12:59: Thrift store find
  • Just found this brand new unopened firefly at my local thrift store for $5

    Attached Thumbnails

    • 14962607528651479158962.jpg

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    Does anyone know if its possible, and where, to get a replacement pusher belt for a Hyperfire?


    Kind of accidentally slipped with a scalpel while doing some work on mine... oops.

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    Could some one actually make a ranger one with 3 printing and other crap. It seems possible but i'm not sure

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  • 06/04/17--09:13: Nerf Thrifting Tips
  • Hello all, I really want to thrift another Longshot over the summer break, and I was hoping if you guys could give me some tips. My community is hosting a garage sale day, and I am planning to attend that. Also, I've located all my thrift stores that I can go to. Yesterday I went to a goodwill, but no Nerf blaster was in sight! Is this common for Canadian good wills, or was I just unlucky on that location?
    Here is the list of the thrift stores that I'm planning to hit over the summer:
    Value village, urban thift, once upon a child, MCC thrift shops, thriftopia, Salvation Army, world serve thrift stores, and 3 separate good wills.

    Any overall tips?


    P.S this is in the Calgary area if anyone wants to know.

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  • 06/05/17--09:58: Nerf Maverick 3d printed
  • Does anyone know where I can find 3D printer files to make a new Nerf Maverick slide?

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    Im joining the upcoming HvZ EndWar in Ohio University for all 3 days, and currently I want to order some darts from Amazon.


    Any suggestions on how many darts shall I prepare?

    Or, how many darts will you prepare based on your experience ?


    *I will be playing with a Stryfe(w/ five 18-magazines), and a Hammershot, both modded.

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    Apparently the new Accustrike Raptorstrike is out for sale on

    $89.99 CAD

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  • 06/16/17--20:35: nerf club help
  • not sure if this is were this goes but i was wondering how do you make your nerf club more successful and how do we get money ive put some money into it already but is their a way for me to get places like McDonald's to provide lemonade or even water or any bushiness to donate money for loaners and or darts any information helps thanks 

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    Hello! This is my first post - I couldn't figure out where it belongs, so my apologies if it shouldn't be in general nerf. I'm just getting into the hobby in the past few months, and I was lucky enough to pickup one of Captain Slug's Caliburn kits. I recently completed the blaster and ran it through the chronograph today. Honestly I'm not into going to wars, but rather the statistics around different blaster configurations really fascinate me (in addition to pew-pewing cups with my kids around the house / backyard). I enjoy data collection and visualization, so I started thinking of some interesting studies that would generate data sets that would make for some cool plots. I've amassed a relatively comprehensive set of readings from a variety of blaster configurations focused mostly on Retaliators (and I figured it would be cool to throw the Caliburn into the mix), which raised the question - how does everyone compare chronograph readings when we don't have a method for baselining / comparing standardized results? 


    Here's what I have for a series of comparisons of 100 shots with each blaster:




    Each plot represents the population of readings in light gray dots. The minimum and maximum readings for the population are reported as horizontal bars and labeled "max" and "min". The average for the population is the large horizontal bar labeled with the largest font. The white circle is the median value. The two smaller horizontal bars are the 25th and 75th percentile values. The "+/-" values reported as part of the FPS value are the 95th percentile confidence intervals for the population, meaning you would expect 95 of 100 shots to fall within that range (~2 standard deviations) of the average. I can provide the full data sets for those interested.


    I'm really impressed with the consistency of the Caliburn. Note how awesome and symmetrical that population plot looks - where the min, 25th, 50th, average, 75th and max fall where we'd expect. You see more variation in the results from my retaliator studies (these were all within 1 foot of the chronograph). 


    So on to my problem.


    My chronograph, a Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph, *seems* to record fps readings consistently lower than what is typically reported in the hobby. My baseline figures from a stock retaliator come in at about 54 fps, 15 to 20 fps lower than what seem to be commonly accepted hobby standards. I had a feeling my results were consistently low for the Retaliator spring / kit configurations I was testing. This suspicion seems to be playing out with my Caliburn numbers - my chronograph is reporting ~172 fps, is ~20% lower than what I expected. This combined with the ~25% lower readings on my baseline Retaliator makes me suspect my chronograph is reporting low figures.


    I picked up the Caldwell at a good sale price, but I'm thinking I need a different chronograph. Has anyone else seen consistently low results from Caldwell's? I see quite a few other folks using Competition Electronics units - I'm guessing there's a reason :) From what I've read these units are factory calibrated, but it doesn't seem like there is a field calibration method. I fully admit I'm new to this, so I may have missed something in my searching. Hence my post.


    Anyhow given how accurate some of these upgraded blasters are I've been looking into conducting FPS and accuracy studies at a variety of ranges for a blaster. I've done one analysis on a Retaliator, but before I dig in and produce these studies on more configurations I want to get a chronograph setup that I can trust. Right now, my results are OK for comparative testing on my unit, but I'd like to have more confidence in the results I'm producing when compared to other folks. This is the type of study I had in mind:




    I'm measuring accuracy as a function of how many readings I can get from the chronograph at a specific distance. In this plot you see the population of readings from the chronograph and the associated statistics in the upper portion of the plot for each distance (x-axis). Below the FPS plots is a figure of reading count. You can see the number of readings drop off as you move further to the right which is a greater distance from the chronograph. The data collection on these is fairly intensive (100 shots from each distance) so I want to have confidence in the chronograph before proceeding with a lot more tests.


    I'd appreciate any tips anyone has on chronographs, as well as recommended studies where there may be a need within the hobby. Personally the accuracy at various range studies seem intriguing, which is where that second plot is going. Given how accurate some of these blasters are (were I can get a significant population at a decent distance), using this "how many readings do I get at a distance?" seemed like a good start.


    Thanks in advance!



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    Simple enough, when you nerf, how do you carry your ammunition into battle? Do you like having a setup with a load of magazines on your body and maybe a cargo pocket for loose darts/SledgeFire shells like Captain Xavier? Do you like running a Nemesis/Hirricane and shoving hundreds of Rival rounds into your cargo pockets like OutOfDarts? Do you run a thigh/belt rig like LordDraconical or Coop772? Do you run a Hail-Fire and thus a self-contained loadout? Or do you just like to smack people with melee?


    Personally, I prefer running large amounts of magazines on a chest rig. My main loadout is centered around 10 regular 18's and now, a Regulator, on a chest rig. Alternatively I'll run a basically-modded Stryfe with a Worker AK kit and stock on two Trustfires and two alkalines, but with a MOLLE kit including storage for 8 worker mags, or when I feel absolutely ridiculous, I'll run actual Soviet-issue RPK mag pouches on a belt carrying Worker 22-mags, a LARP Feldspaten (field spade) and operate with a full, 1950's-accurate Soviet uniform just for the laughs.

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  • 06/21/17--14:28: HvZ Endwar: Who's going?
  • Hey Everyone,


    I know this forum is more oriented towards NIC class Nerf, but I was wondering if anyone is planning on coming to Endwar this year? I'll be there, and I'll have a booth or OpenFlywheelProject at Foamcon on Friday. I'd love to meet any other NH guys who are gonna be there.



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  • 06/22/17--22:22: Nerf mercenary for hire
  • I'll go to your nerf war and shoot people for you. I'll go anywhere around eastern Oklahoma (ie. Tulsa, Owasso, etc) I'm fairly young, so don't expect much of me. Price is really around $1.25 per hour, depending on how far it is away. Contact me at ---------------------------. I'll try to look at my email more often. 


    (I might have to take down this post due to circumstances)



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    How do you like to smack people with foam, if your wars allow it? To be clear: "melee" is any Nerf tag that does not include firing/launching a foam or Boomco dart, rocket or ball from a blaster at long range and means any foam/sock implement that's designed to be used to strike with safely or to be thrown.


    Personally, I have a few options I like, an electronic lightsaber, a Marauder sword, and a LARP reproduction of a Soviet entrenching tool made out of foam.

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  • 06/25/17--18:48: Nerf Rayvenfire hype thread
  • Get hyped


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  • 06/28/17--20:27: Chest rig
  • This is like my second post so bear with me.
    I'm looking to get a chest rig but I don't like the one that it seems like everybody uses because it has no molle for modularity. I don't really want to spend more than $40.

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    Canadian store:
    Some of these awesome deals include:
    $17 stryfe
    $30 tristrike
    $30 hyperfire
    $104 nemesis
    And many more!
    All of these prices are Canadian.
    American Store:
    Please note that the deals on the American store may differ than the Canadian one.
    Happy Nerf shopping!

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  • 07/14/17--13:13: A question
  • Hey Nerf Modders of the world
    I have a quick question as an inexperienced modder.
    Recently my sledgefire barrel snapped off. I decided just to completely gut the blaster and use the parts for other blasters. I took out the spring and it seemed extremely strong. Can I put it in my longshot as an additional spring? Btw I have OMW stage one installed in it. Also how strong is the spring. If its actually really weak I don't think it would be worth my time to put it in.

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  • 07/20/17--17:09: crossbow cost
  • im just thinking how much the 1995 crossbow goes for now a days but how much was it when it first came out

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    So, recently I've become very interested in the Koosh Vortex line and an ammo source that would readily supply Spinfire rings. While looking I found this:


    I haven't found any info on it, but I was wondering if these rings are compatible. I would test if it worked myself, but since I don't have any Koosh Vortex blasters, I can't test. Does anyone have any experience with these?

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