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    I know this is almost an impossible question to answer as written in the title, but maybe more like...

    *What was the first ever "effective" Nerf mod.
    *What was the first "published" Nerf mod.
    *What was the first Nerf mod to do the community good (not necessarily effective or published).

    I was wondering about this, thinking of coming back to Nerfhaven, hey what started this all?

    Hope this question takes you back.


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    I am going to be heading out later to the glorious hardware store! Gonna be buying some springs.... But I have no idea where to start. I have an Ace Hardware and Lowes in my area, should I stick to one or the other?

    I need to get a spring for a Strongarm in particular right now.

    I have this arms race with a friend at the moment...

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  • 04/23/17--09:16: Arsenal Pictures
  • After looking around on NerfHaven, I noticed that there are no threads to show off your arsenal. So, I decided to make one myself.
    As a general rule post pictures only, and try to get all of your blasters in one picture. If your arsenal is super big, 40+, then maybe post only your favourite ones.That way, posts aren't a thousand miles long. If you want, add a brief description of the blasters in the picture.

    Longshot, LSFG, Snapfire, and Stryfe
    Retaliator, Magnus

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  • 04/24/17--18:37: Khaos Magazines on amazon
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  • 04/26/17--15:08: PSA $30 CAD Nerf Stryfe
  • Toys r us Canada is having a sale. You can save up to $30 CAD on all Nerf elite blasters.
    Link :
    Some noticeable blasters:
    $50 Hailfire
    $30 stryfe and stockade
    $60 Elite paint Longshot
    $150 Nemesis
    And many, many more.
    All prices are Canadian
    Buy them stryfes! Buy the Nemesis!

    I was just on, and the stryfes were $25 CAD!!! This is as of 4:20 mountain time on April.26.2017.

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    The Nemesis is $110 CAD vs original 150
    Artemis is $74 CAD vs original 90
    Apollo with face mask is $50 CAD vs original 60
    Atlas is 54, Khaos is 90, and Zues is 70
    All prices are Canadian dollar.
    Shipped and sold from

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    ok soo this is my opinion and you are welcome to dissagree soo here is da list


    First on the list a odd one DRAIN BLASTER it has a MASIVE Air tank



    the next is the 4B or the buzz bee big blast

    it releases its air SUPA FAST and well I can't argue

    also if ya evre come across a beserker at a thrift store they got the same tank but simpler





    so the next one is THE TITAN it is just big tank

    it shoots a monster missle and its tank is pretty big



    the next is THE PANTHER is is a tiny pistol with A BIG TANK

    it is perfect for intergrations and well its cool also

    make sure it has a white pump and a white barrel

    if it is black it has a small tank smaller than a hornet

    air zone also released one but it has the good tank?




    next one is well yall saw it coming XTREME BLASTZOOKA

    I personally don't like it but it is still pretty cheap and here is buy link



    next one is the AT3K tank it is a reasonable tank and and be a long range  pistol with 6 shots



    and well other than that there are hornets and smaller tanks so yeah that's it

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  • 05/06/17--21:46: xd better than elite?
  • As title asks, are the elite xd's actually better than the elite's? If so, what actually makes them better, or have extra distance?

    I am thinking about picking up a retaliator elite, but so on the fence about which one...

    I really like the look of the blue elite retaliator, really like the look of the sonic ice blue and really like the white elite xd (partly due to the "xd" and bc it actually says elite on

    So in stock form, are any of them actually "better" than the others?
    If so, what actually makes it better, and would modding it make them all the same (aside from cosmetics, with equal mods?)

    Thanks everyone

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    In case you didn't hear, parts of Canada got the Nerf Modulus Regulator already.

    If you're interested, the unboxing and impressions video is here. 

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    Does anyone have a link for a good but cheap drain blaster. By cheap I mean under $25

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    I wish to buy a flywheel blaster, but I found that Stryfe is discontinued and it cost 45 dollars or more now, almost twice of the price it was.

    Any suggestions for better alternative flywheel blaster? or Stryfe is still the best at the moment? (in the aspects of mod difficulty, performance before and after mod,costs to mod)

    Edit: Opps, forget to mention, Im currently in United States so 45 dollars means 45 USD

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    I wish to start a nerf war group here in Carbondale, IL (USA). However, I'm not sure whether do I need to register my organization.

    For u guys information.. In every nerf war I will be collecting a few bucks for darts maintenance and blaster rental. Besides, I'm planning to host it in some local parks here.

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    Sleeper Vs. Alpha! (LS)

    I am going to build 2 Longshots one with the alpha and one as a sleeper i want to know the pro's and con's of each, starting with me :
    Alpha :
         1. Its a kit so no real work is required with little room for mistakes.
         2. comes with stronger then stock parts.
         3. It shoots stefans so its accurate and reliable.
         1. it seems to have a lower power output then sleeper breechs.
         2. only stefans so its restricted in certain wars that most players play with full length darts. (omni will come but it looks like it wont fully seal).
         1. seems to have a higher output of power.
         2. modularity, Eg. shoots all kinds of darts, changeable barrel length for different springs.
         3. Diy, which means a cheaper build cost and you can make it the way you want.
         4. you can buy these but for a much higher price for what you get then the alpha.
         1. Huge space for error, depending on the experience of the maker.
         2. Lower reliability, also depending on the quality of the build.
         3. entry lever is high compared to the alpha which you just need a couple of screw drivers, as you need a bunch of tools and epoxys and know-how as to using them.
        4. might not yield as high precision as manufactured kits with better Tolerances.



    Also on FB in the Turf forum :

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    Hey Everyone,


    Just wanted to let you all know that is currently running a BOGO 40% Off sale on certain Nerf blasters, although Amazon does not provide a list of all the blasters that are covered by this sale. Therefore, you will have to look for the words "Buy 1, Get 1 40% off Nerf toys" on the product page of a particular blaster in order to know whether or not it qualifies. Blasters that I've found that qualify for this deal are the Apollo, Artemis, Alphahawk and FalconFire (seems likely that all blasters in the Rival and AccuStrike line qualify, but you'll have to test that out for yourselves). Amazon does not specify how long this sale will be available.



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  • 05/22/17--08:31: Recon CS-6 $ Value ?
  • Hi,  Cleaning out my son's toys, I came across a Nerf CS-6 and some of it's accessories.  I don't know anything about Nerf guns except from online research, this one has been discontinued.  Should I donate it to Goodwill or does it have monetary value?  Thanks!

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    Introducing the 2017 Nerfhaven Modification/Homemade Contest!
    This thread will serve as discussion for the contest. If you have any questions or comments, post them here.
    Official submission thread is there.
    Any member of Nerfhaven may enter this contest by posting a writeup into either the modifications or homemade forum of, and then posting a link to the writeup in the official submission thread.

    The writeup must be for a build that was completed by the user him/herself. No, you cannot submit a writeup explaining how someone else built a blaster that you saw online! On the other hand, you may build a blaster similar to someone else and then post a writeup crediting the original creator (just don't expect to score high in orginality...more on that later)

    The writeup must be posted to no later than 11:59PM eastern time on August 31, 2017.

    Note that any build or writeup posted to in 2017 prior to the start of this contest is eligible. Technically, the contest is running from January 1, 2017-August 31, 2017.

    All entries will be divided into two categories: Modifications and Homemades.
    Each entry will be judged on the following criteria:

    1. Originality:
    Is it similar to other modifications and/or homemades, or is it something completely new? (Maximum 10 points).

    2. Functionality/Aesthetics
    How well did the build achieve its goal? Does it shoot far, fast, and/or look great? Also, basically, "How much do you like it?" (Maximum 10 points)

    3. Complexity
    The more complex the entry, the higher score. (Maximum 5 points)

    4. Quality of the Writeup
    How easy is it to grasp what was done? Can you replicate or improve upon the build assuming you have all the necessary tools? (Maximum 5 points)

    The judges of this contest will be the members of Members will have the chance to "grade" each entry in each of the four criteria from 1 to 10 (or 1 to 5, depending on the criteria). Results in each criteria will be averaged, and the winners will be determined by whichever entry has the most total points.
    Example, with entry 3 being the winner at 23 total points:
                Avg Originality   Avg Functionality    Avg Complexity      Avg Writeup       Total
    Entry 1       2                          8                       1                       5                  16
    Entry 2       7                          5                       3                       4                  19
    Entry 3       8                          9                       5                       1                  23

    The blaster with the highest overall point total will win the grand prize of $50 (awarded by paypal or Visa gift card).

    The blaster with the highest point total in the other category will win the second prize of $25 (awarded by paypal or Visa gift card). For example: if a homemade wins the grand prize, the modification with the highest point total will win the second prize.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can I submit multiple builds?


    Is my project a modification or a homemade?

    For the purposes of this contest, a homemade is a blaster which does not utilize any parts from a mass produced (Nerf, Buzz bee, Boomco, etc) blaster or one which only uses parts of a mass-produced blaster to aid in comfort or form factor. For example, the FAL-3 is a homemade even though it has most of a Nerf Firefly bolted onto it and uses the trigger. It works nothing like a Firefly; it is a homemade.

    Any other build will be in the modification category. They will involve alterations to mass-produced blasters, but may include homemade replacement components. For instance, putting a homemade plunger and/or plunger tube into a spring-powered blaster made by nerf is a modification.

    I realize that this is a blurred line these days. If you think that your build belongs in the homemade forum, post the writeup there. If a moderator feels that this needs to be changed, we will let you know prior to the start of voting.

    What constitutes a writeup?

    A writeup is primarily composed of written instructions and pictures to help illustrate various portions of the build. A writeup in this basic format is necessary in order to be eligible to win a prize; you can't just post a picture and a short description of the finished blaster.

    Post-build guides showing closeups of the completed internals alongside detailed instructions are fine, but may not score as high as something that shows step-by-step instructions.

    Computer-generated diagrams like this are great, but you should also include at least a few photos to show that you actually built the blaster.

    A video can at times be helpful in getting your point across, but it should not be relied upon; most of the information should given in written form. Note: If you like making modification videos, you can always take screenshots from your video and use those for the writeup.
    I already posted a picture/video of a blaster here or elsewhere. Can I make a writeup for it and enter it into the contest?

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  • 05/23/17--19:29: 2017 Contest Entries
  • Submit entries to the 2017 Contest in this thread.


    Keep discussion in the other thread; this thread is only for links to writeups.


    Links must be posted by 11:59pm eastern time on August 31, 2017.

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  • 05/26/17--10:49: LI-po Charger help
  • so i am looking for a li-po charger and before i have been running rhinos on 4 IMRs with a full auto kit in a strife with 16 gauge  silcone

    wiring.So i found li-po suitible and it uses a JST-XH charge plug so yeah

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  • 05/26/17--11:25: Chest rig question
  • Hello everyone, I know i have asked this before but I didn't get this answer out of that. So anyways, I have found this nice looking chest rig


    I will be likely getting it, but what I'm wondering is more so if m4/ar15 chest rigs like these would fit 12 dart clips. The molle webbing on there is enough for me to want to use them with the fast mags i will be getting. But i need to know if the built in slots would work for any mag or other things like blasters.



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  • 05/27/17--22:06: Broken Rough cut
  • So i have a broken Rough cut that is non salvage-able what should i do with the working internals?

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