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Last 10 topics in the Nerf Wars forum

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  • 07/27/17--02:46: Sling Fire DX400
  • Hi, I am quite new to the world of Nerf and recently at a car boot i found and brought 3 x Nerf Slingfire DX400 - 1 boxed and never used - the other 2 unboxed. 


    At the time I had never heard or seen one before and I literally just brought them because they were Nerf. 


    When I got in I did a bit of research and found that they had a very limited release etc etc: article can be found here:


    My question is how much would people think these are worth if i was to sell them on? I have tried browsing the net to find further info and I cant find anything so i dont even know where to begin....


    Thanks for your help

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    How much would a NIB barricade cost, I got one and I was wondering how much I could sell it for.


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  • 08/03/17--21:58: How large are your arsenals?
  • Simple question, how many blasters do you own? And how massive is your store of magazines/clips/belts and ammunition?


    I would hazard to estimate I own 31 blasters of various types, most being flywheel powered. I have one Rival blaster, a Khaos, and just the one Khaos magazine, and a store of around 100 HIR's. I do have numerous semi-and-full-auto blasters, including a JLCustomsCreations Rapidstrike and a Regulator as centrepieces of my arsenal.


    I would estimate my .50-cal dart stores to be somewhere in the realm of 1,000 darts and I have 18 18-round magazines, 8 22-round magazines, one 35-round drum, one Magstrike clip, one modded 75-round Vulcan belt (no Vulcan though), an enforcer belt and an Enforcer, as well as probably 9 Demolisher rockets and about 60 Mega-caliber (.75 caliber) darts.

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  • 08/09/17--15:33: PSA Nerf Rayvenfire is out
  • I was at my local toysrus at saw the brand new Rayvenfire. Unfortunately I don't own a phone and didn't bring a camera, so no photos. You can probably go to your local TRU, and find one there (Please note that the TRU that I found the Rayvenfire at was in Canada, so the U.S or other countries may not have it in stock).
    Price: $69.99 CAD or $54.34 USD
    The price is very expensive. To put that in comparison the Rapidstrike is the same price, and it's full auto.
    Despite the hefty price, the paint job and build quality seem to be good.

    All in all, I don't think that the Rayvenfire is worth it at this price. Instead of spending $70 on this, I'd much rather get 2 stryfes or one Rapidstrike.

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  • 08/11/17--08:51: Jet Ceda


    This thing looks bad ass! Loving the split shell/quick pin design! $56 for a ready to run complete exp pt pump action retaliator!!!!!

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  • 08/16/17--21:51: Koosh Vortex Guide
  • is a comprehensive guide to the entire Koosh Vortex line.  I hope you enjoy learning about them as much as I did!

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  • 08/17/17--10:07: Nerf blaster materials
  • Hey guys, somewhat off-topic question but I was really curious about it. For a long time I've always though Nerf blasters were made out of ABS plastic. I was looking around other Nerf forums, and discovered this: some stock parts in Nerf blasters are made up of DELRIN. The hammershot priming handle is actually made up of delrin, not ABS. There's a small part of the Rapidstrike's mag release that is also delrin. Finally, I read somewhere that all stock Nerf catches are delrin. Can anyone confirm this?

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    Hello Everyone. So I just assembled a new server and Its got a few terabytes free that Im not curretly using. So I'm planning to Archive important Nerf Modding data (YT Channels/Videos, Forums, Photos, etc...). I've been around this community for a long time (around the time you could buy Gen 1 longshots in stores) and I'd like to see it continue in the future. (Also Im a big data hoarder and I do these type of things alot.)


    Why Am I doing this?


    In case for some reason certain members of the nic want to delete their old videos or if a forum goes down I'd like to have a backup for this fine community.


    How Can I help?


    Leave a reply with what videos or sites You'd like to see backed-up. I Make a list of what I currently have done and what I plan to add. (Links Help)



    Current List:








              -Death By Foam








                   -Captain Slug (Nerf Videos)

                   -Captain Xavier


                   -Forsaken Angel 24 (Nerf Videos)



                   -KND Operative (Nerf Videos)

                   -Lord Draconical

                   -Make It Go

                   -Make Test Battle

                   -Orange Mod Works




                   -Tiger Foam

                   -Uin13 (Nerf Videos)



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    Amazon has a sale today on Nerf guns...'Nuff said.


    Actually though, I just found a $30 Zeus, $20 Modulus, and $25 Tri Strike, among others. 


    The sale is only today, so get busy I guess.

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  • 08/23/17--13:59: Stampede Repairs
  • Hi guys, I have a stampede that I bought second hand. All the electronics are fine, so is the gearbox. But I am not sure about the motor or springs. On their own the gearbox and motor run fine but with the firing piece the springs seem to be too strong or the motor too weak so it only can go halfway. Any suggestions or places to buy a new, unmodified motor?

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    Fairly straightforward, which team colour does the community like best? Red, Blue, or Phantom Corps? Personally I prefer Red. I own a Khaos and a Nemesis in red, and I made the following shitpost I think you might want to adapt and have some fun with:




    So you want to do Nerf Rival and be on a "team", huh?

    Here's how to do it properly.

    1. Get a Nemesis of your team colour. It's absolutely essential.

    2. Get an Artemis as a sidearm.

    3. Wear a sling for both.

    4. Grab a giant dump pouch in your team's colour

    5. The appropriately coloured Rival mask for your team is essential. Get one.

    6. Don't think about the Phantom Corps.

    7. Get a trench coat in your team's colour.

    8. Do NOT THINK about the Phantom Corps.

    9. Buy at least a thousand Headshot rounds.


    11. Cry if you're on the blue team. After all, better Red than dead.

    12. Wipe the floor with the Hera-And-Apollo armed Phantom Corps as you now have permission to think about them and have much better armaments.


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  • 08/28/17--06:31: Awfuls round blasters
  • Post your awfuls blasters of choice. 


    I'm not home right now but my awfuls blasters of choice are the deploy and the reactor. Sadly don't have a pulsator but I would like to get one some day

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    Hey, So I have started work on building Juggernaut armor, you can check out this video for the latest model  The Idea is to see if it really is possible to make a set of armor capable of taking on an entire team in a REAL game.  I have wondered about this concept for sometime and after finding very few juggernaut suits up to the task I started work on this project.  The concept has proven workable in indoor games, but still has along way to go before it gets to the level of the stuff you see in the movies(Like Live Die Repeat).  That said I thought I would share the build with all of you. maxresdefault.jpg









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    For the sake of this thread, vintage blasters will be classified an either pre N-Strike blaster, a blaster that hasn't been sold for 15 years (This includes certain paint schemes or versions of a blaster), or doesn't have the modern company logo on it if it does have a logo.


    My favorite vintage is a tie between the lightnin blitz or the splitfire, both are air powered shotgun pistols that are small for what they can do and both hit great ranges once modded

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  • 09/11/17--07:01: Mediator XL hype thread


    >Mediator stock is a holster that also has a god-tier double-strike repaint inside of it


    Oh, that's pretty nice, that double-strike reskin looks pretty good, I hope it's not too expensive


    >Main blaster is essentially a minimized Rampage


    A modulus rampage? That's kinda neat. The pump seems kinda awkward due to the position though


    >Mediator front attachment uses an air tank




    Spring 2018 can't come soon enough




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  • 09/19/17--03:33: Keep the foam going
  • I have a longshot with an 8kg spring and I'm wondering why some shots fire fine and other just fall out of the barrel. Why is that?

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    I encourage everyone to please take the time to read this important article on which was written by Dr. Robert Glatter.


    In this article, Dr. Glatter warns that "Hasbro now has a product on the market known as Nerf darts".  These darts, which are "akin to bullets" have caused minor eye injuries for 3 people in the UK which required them to use eyedrops for a short period of time.  Dr. Glatter goes on to further warn that these darts can be made even more dangerous through modification as shown in this video.


    I implore anyone who is organizing any event using these new Nerf darts to heed the expert and well informed advice of Dr. Glatter; please use full-face protection and avoid modifying these darts in any way.  Failing to follow these guidelines places everyone in risk of minor eye injury and/or death.


    Thank you.

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    Just as the title says. What do you all think the rarest blasters and attachments are?

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    I am trying to gather up what I need in terms of ammo pouches and such and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions as to what to use in terms of tactical gear. Also links to the items would be nice if possible. :D

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    What in your opinion would be the best gun to tinker with for a beginner? It needs to be capable of a fair amount of power.

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