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Last 10 topics in the Nerf Wars forum

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    Is this the shortest semi-auto flywheel blaster in the world?



    I've been mucking about with it for a few weeks and after a few net searches, I think it might be! Not groundbreaking, but good fun to make! Might do a mod guide with pictures later, hence it not going on that thread!

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  • 06/13/16--14:28: Hornet
  • So I scored a fully working hornet and I'm curious about something at the 10th pump it gives off a pop, is that the OPRV?

    Edit: as long as I ignore the chamber indicator it works perfectly otherwise it doesn't work to well.

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  • 06/17/16--12:07: Blasters to look out for?
  • Hi, new to the site. New to nerf. I love it. I'm currently on a road trip, hitting flea markets and Goodwills and stuff along the way. Are there any cool blasters I should be on the lookout for? I'm mostly familiar with the n strike stuff at the moment.

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  • 06/18/16--13:25: battery charger
  • So i've wanted to mod my stryfe for a long time and i've been searching for a battery, motors etc. but the only problem i have is finding an affordable charger:


    It is so cheap that i wasn't sure whether it is just really crappy or not.

    The page is in Dutch but you can auto-translate it with google chrome or put it in translate.

    hopefully someone can tell me if it is any good.


    EDIT: i want to use it for this battery:

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    Hi i just recently bought a nerf vagabond and after 1 day the drum on the gun wont rotate after i shot a dart i need to cock it like 2-6 times so it can rotate again and i need help because im not a profesionnel at mod for nerf

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  • 06/19/16--11:56: are there charlotte nerfers
  • hello.

    I'm a nerfer in the charlate area of north carolina and i wantted to see if there are any nerfers in this part of NC 

    (the only thred i found on this topick was made 10 years ago)

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    Hey All.  


    I'm Neo. New here but not to nerf. I'm a long time nerf fan . My first nerf gun was the Eagle Eye.


    Most recently, I got back into nerf thrifting. I wanted to find cheap guns to mod and for wars. I was totally amazed at how many new and hard to finds guns I was able to find for great prices.


    To show off some of my hauls, I created a YouTube channel.


    Here is my latest video.



    I plan on making more videos and not just about thrifting. There will be reviews, mods and war footage as well.


    Check out all my videos and let me know what you think.


    I have a lot of great ideas for topics to chat about here as well. So stay tuned for more posts and videos coming soon.

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  • 06/21/16--12:38: Any War Stories?
  • Does anyone have an silly, interesting, or cool tales from a war to share? I most certainly do!

    It was my Youth Group's first full scale war, we had bought four Apollos, Hammershots, and many more. My team was wrecked every round by my youth pastor, who chose simple and effective tactics. When we wound down the festivities, it was around four A.M. We were to wake up early the next day for breakfast so we laid ourselves to sleep. I merely closed my eyes and before me was a crouched figure clad in a Rival Mask and wielding a Zeus. I immediately began flailing in self defense on my seat cushion bed only to realize I was patient zero of foam induced PTSD.

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  • 06/22/16--03:46: New Nerf Club in Nevada?
  • I was wondering if there were any other southern nevada Nerfers, ive been looking for a local war or HvZ event for months but couldnt find an active one to save my life. Would anyone like to help me start one up?

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    I think this is a pretty good solution! 


    It took a few attempts to get the measurements right, but it's doing ok now! I've since made another prototype which feeds more smoothly ^_^

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    just found it

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    • first.png

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  • 07/07/16--15:50: Non-responsive Trigger!!
  • So I picked up a nerf Vulcan Ebf-25 and I went to make sure it worked, it won't fire!! I ripped it open (not literally) and the trigger won't work!! I don't know what to do and I can't find anything online!! Help please

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  • 07/09/16--10:57: clear 18 mags
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  • 07/09/16--21:44: Where to find Polycarb?
  • After a bit of searching on the Lowes website for "Polycarb", all I was able to find was roof panels. Where can I find polycarbonate panels locally? 


    I live near a Lowes and a Home Depot, and I'm not very willing to purchase online.



    Edit: Also while on the subject of this, how much force can I apply to this before it breaks? I was thinking of making a pump-grip at some point and this is my only available option for a set of pump arms.


    That's not all I'll be using it for though... ;)

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  • 07/12/16--15:37: Nerf Action Cam
  • While browsing  target website looking for a the desolator, i can across this: seems to be a cheap nerf themed action cam with a water proof case. I haven't seen anything else about it. does anyone know about it or have one? 

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    Ok, so people have been making stuff for Nerf wars from duct tape (duck tape, many other names too, I'm sure!) but a recent competition on spurned me on to make something to replace the rag-tag collection of bits and bobs I'd been using as a rig for quite a while. 


    So I got out the duct tape and got busy! Here's what I came up with:



    Further pictures here:





    Me being moody. 




    The name's jolt. justa jolt. 

    Attached Thumbnails

    • IMG_6152.JPG
    • IMG_6145.JPG

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    (edit: killing useless wall of text)
    I recommend when practicing to try over a bed at first, in case you drop them.
    The following is provided in a step-by-step fashion for pedagogical purposes. Once you get a feel for how a Strongarm feels in motion (or even in midair), you can abbreviate and style up as you please.
    20160726_204416.jpg 20160726_204433.jpg 20160726_204450.jpg
    First three images illustrate the hand size requirements. If you're looking to try this technique out and getting a Strongarm for this purpose, try the following grip on a boxed Strongarm in the shop before you purchase.
    1. A basic grip.
    2. Flick the blaster such that it rests in the palm of your hand, as if Cradling it. Note the thumb position securing the blaster to your palm.
    3. Flick one more time, this time catching the end of the slide under your index finger and engaging it. You squeeze the blaster between your thumb and forefinger to hold most of its weight. The rest of your hand does the rest.
    4. Squeeze to cock, then reverse the previous to return to basic (flick, flick).
    When accustomed to technique, can switch grips in one flick, and in any position (down, going up, to sides)

    Also see imgur gallery:

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    The Fauxbow. Just look it up. Easy coupler mod, huge plunger tube, and massive spring. I'm not advertising, but I got one and just cut down the barrel, and my cpvc barrel fit in very well. My one issue is vacuum loading. Thats a problem, and more troubleshooting is required.




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  • 07/29/16--08:32: On "Nerf Dart" alternatives
  • I don't know what to do when it comes to dart buying. I usually just have a giant bowl/bucket of stock darts used with modded guns in speed-loaders, like in my couplered Fauxbow or Nitefinder. So when I wan't small darts, I turn to cutting down stock darts to 1.25 inches and dubbed my (I think) invention "Dragon Darts." They serve me well, but if anyone could tell me how to make slugs, or what 3rd party darts to buy for what things, that would be awsome.

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