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Last 10 topics in the Nerf Wars forum

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  • 03/09/16--04:31: Ammo Counter
  • Hi All,


    I have read all the posts I can find relating to ammo counter and most of them are rather old or relate to home made ones.


    My question is, other than the Blaster Parts ammo counter which is no longer on sale, does anyone know if there's any other companies making these?


    I can't find anything but I'm new to this and I thought that one of you guys may know of a company that builds and sells them.


    I hope that I've posted this question is the appropriate place and manner.



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  • 03/09/16--08:28: New Nerf Blasters 2016
  • What do you guys think about the NEW NERF BLASTERS coming out later this year (summer/fall) 2016!

    Watch This video about every new nerf blaster this year - 

    Please post, I want to here you opinions....  :D 

    Attached Thumbnails

    • Fall 2016 Line Up.jpg

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    Looking into getting this thing... but after doing a little searching on my own, I decided to go to coop's link in the description of this video:

    But alas, the only thing that displays upon following the link is the stock piece. Can anyone link me to the Pump part of this kit? I cant find it.

    Thanks, and cheers,

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  • 03/13/16--09:38: What is this nerf gun?
  • I was thrifting at a local goodwill and found a couple of nerf blasters. A rebelle jolt, a buzz bee jaguar, a vintage nerf secret shot and another blaster I have never seen before. Before I modified it, I looked it up, but could find no info on it. If you know what it is, please tell me. Thanks for your help.


    the mystery blaster.JPG

    overview of the blaster. It is semi automatic, no priming is needed. If it helps, the cylinder rotates by itself, and it shoots about 18 feet unmodded.

    nerf blaster - label.JPG

    The identification label, it is as reads- 1994 just toys inc. NY, NY, 10010, (and of course) MADE IN CHINA


    If you recognize it, thanks!

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  • 03/13/16--18:19: What Trustfires to get?
  • There are so many trust fires out there, which ones to get? Please include link!

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    With only about half a dozen blasters being released this year, inactive online marketing, and one of the Boom Brothers leaving to go work for Hasbro, Boomco looks like it's in trouble. But, the US Marketing Manager says "BOOMco is not being discontinued at retail. With a shift to licensed blasters like Halo, retailers are reshuffling their BOOMco lines, with some focusing more on core Boomco and others more on licensed. Boomco, both licensed and mainline/core, are also available online across Walmart, Target and TRU, as well as Amazon. Expect new licenses to support BOOMco as we move into 2016 and beyond." Source: Nerf.About


    Nerf Vortex

    Everyone knows that Vortex is dead, but still we don't know entirely for sure (did that even make sense?). Anyway, Nerf is going to release the Alien Menace line this year, and it is based off of alien technology (duh). But Vortex was based on that. This could mean that Alien Menace line could either replace Vortex, or some Vortex blasters be integrated into the line. There have only been two blasters announced though (the Incisor and the Ravager), and they are both dart blasters, so don't get your hopes up too high.



    Nerf Stryfe

    Everyone's favorite flywheel, coming to an end? They're becoming very cheap, so people think it is going to be discontinued. Here is a Reddit post talking about it.


    What do guys think about these brands/blasters? (These may be all just be rumors) 

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    Hi everyone, I'm new here.

    I have a question, and I havn't been able to find an answer

    on the web, or by searching this forum.


    I'm looking for a nerf gun that is the most accurate and consistent shot

    out there.  I understand nerf toys are basically children's toys, but I also

    feel there is some potential for accuracy, either commercially available nerf guns,

    or modded or home made foam dart guns.


    I am essentially looking for a foam dart rifle which handles and aims 

    realistically, and can be used for in-home target practice/plinking. 


    I ordered a Nerf Jolt EX-1 pistol from amazon, and am impressed with

    its accuracy. I've managed to hit a small medicine bottle 16 out of 20 shots

    at a distance of 15 feet using the supplied whistler darts.  Theoretically, if I added rifle

    furniture; a stock which could be shouldered, more robust and properly calibrated sights, and a fore-grip which would be held, it would make for a decent inside-the house plinker.


    I will happily craft the essential parts onto the Jolt Ex-1 if needed. I can add a plastic

    rifle stock, a fore-grip and sights, if that's what I need to do. But I'm hoping for a better

    base option.  My jolt is accurate, but not as accurate as I would like.

    The Jolt Ex-1 is just an inexpensive nerf toy. I imagine what a higher quality, well constructed

    foam dart is capable of, even amongst the nerf line.  It doesn't need to be multi-shot,

    loading the dart on each shot is fine for me, as long as it meets the 

    accuracy criteria.


    Ideally, if any of you can recommend a nerf blaster which is even better in this 

    regard, that would be a good first step.

    I have no idea how to mod nerf guns, and I'd prefer not have to do so, as

    my motivations are not as much the hobby of modding the gun, rather than

    the end user product.

    I've seen youtube videos and sites with completely home made

    foam dart guns, and that seems like the best possible route to take.

    I'm not super capable of constructing something like this, unless I could

    dedicate a lot of time to the project, I would rather just buy one from

    someone who could make a quality piece.

    Any advice?


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    Came across this today. Mold looks identical to the normal color. Anyone else ever seen one of these?



    EDIT: Sorry having trouble with photo, coming shortly 

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  • 03/29/16--19:34: Behold a pale horse...
  • ...and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.


    Gentlemen, I am returned. I've gotten that foamy itch, again, and my Dremel's been ripping through plastic. My +Bow's out of storage and the hopper's clean.


    I'm working on a Retaliator right now. Nothin' super special-- OMW Stage 1 and I'm working up a pump action for it. I'll post pics once it's done. Also, if I'd known about the Hammershot when it came out, I may not have stayed away from Nerf for so long-- I'm loving this damned thing.


    Anywho, it's good to be home.

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    Hey guy I was just wondering if there is anything in the N-Strike that would be the same as the Rebelle Spylight.  I know there is the Strongarm but dont like that you have to release the cylinder to reload.  I really like the Spylights ease of use.


    Just wonder as I plan on starting a nerf wars mobile party and the easier for the kids the better.


    thanks in advance.

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  • 04/07/16--06:56: Unknown air blaster
  • $_85.JPG
    I found this blaster on marktplaats (dutch ebay-like website) and at first i thought its a BBBB. I asked the seller and he said it is a BBBB, after looking more closely i wasn't sure anymore so i thought it would be best to post it here on nerfhaven. I hope someone can help me because i've already told the seller i want to buy it.

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  • 04/12/16--13:52: Blastzooka vs Big Blast?
  • Hello! I am thinking of buying a big blast but is it better than the blastzooka? Can you guys tell me which one is better.




    *Extra* I am gonna rebarel the one I buy. Don't no if this will change anything*





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    Hi! I recently got a Worker Folding Buffer Tube, which allows me to attach airsoft stocks onto my Retaliator. Here is a picture of the

    dimensions, from the Taobao page. I have also attached additional images of the buffer tube on my Retaliator.




    My question is: What is an airsoft stock that fits the buffer tube (look at the dimensions first), is cheap (no more that $30),

    and is comfortable (not too long)?


    I don't have much experience with airsoft, so I'm asking you guys. Please reply if you find one.


    Attached Thumbnails

    • Ret1.JPG
    • ret2.JPG

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  • 04/17/16--09:40: good afternoon all
  • Good afternoon guys and gals,

    thought id say hi and introduce meself after reading through the forums and getting some valuable insight in to the word of Nerf from across the pond. My partner and myself have held a few nerf wars to raise money for various charities and we are about to open our own arena in Elgin in the North east ish of Scotland.

    its been a busy few weeks making scenery up but we are getting there

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    hey i was thinking of the scorpion or the vulcan of picking up then I was think of the other chain fed guns the buzz bee overload the dart zone power bolt and the rhino fire "it isn't a chain fed but its a heavy type gun so I putted it on here" so whats the best gun I just don't want it to jam 2 often that's my biggest priority




    As per the New Members Guide "which gun is best" threads are not permitted.  Please read the Code of Conduct and New Members Guide before posting again.  Also proofread your posts and make sure they're legible before posting.

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  • 04/17/16--09:40: Arena in Elgin, Scotland
  • Good afternoon guys and gals,

    thought id say hi and introduce meself after reading through the forums and getting some valuable insight in to the word of Nerf from across the pond. My partner and myself have held a few nerf wars to raise money for various charities and we are about to open our own arena in Elgin in the North east ish of Scotland.

    its been a busy few weeks making scenery up but we are getting there

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    When: 11PM EST on Thursday April 21st
    Where: #NerfHaven IRC Channel on
    We're going to try something new and have a live discussion in the IRC channel about upcoming wars and gametypes. I'd like to hear about what kind of rounds people play in other parts of the US, or overseas.  We'll also be talking about upcoming wars, and pretty much anything else that comes up.  If this works out, we'll probably start doing it every other week.

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    Hey everyone. I got a Hyperfire yesterday and posted a few pics around of it. I thought I would share here so you guys could see it as well.


    Here is the overview with clip comparisons.



    Here is the rewire guide and 2S lipo firing demo.


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    When: 10PM EST on Thursday April 28th (7PM PST)
    Where: #NerfHaven IRC Channel on
    Topic: How do you get new people involved in Nerf? What do you do to bring in new players or get your friends involved in Nerf?
    Alternate Topic: Following up from the front page update, do you feel superstock-style blasters and ammo are viable in an NIC war, where many people are using homemade darts and blasters? Would you be more or less likely to attend an NIC war that had a few superstock rounds mixed into it?
    If you would just like to use a real IRC client instead of the web interface linked above, I recommend downloading Pidgin or mIRC. mIRC is a Windows IRC client.  Pidgin is a mutli-protocol chat client that works on most platforms and connects to google chat, AIM, IRC and others (facebook chat support available with 3rd party plugin).  There are also plenty of IRC clients for Android and iOS.  Just enter as the server and join the #NerfHaven channel.

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  • 04/27/16--11:20: Slamfire issues
  • So I've been slowly getting into nerf more and more lately...stocking several guns in the office and randomly shooting the kids and hunting them down when they least expect it (which usually turns into my 7 year old and 3 year old becoming bad guys or good guys and whacking each other and/or me with sticks).


    Two of the guns I've purchased, the Elite Strongarm and the Doominator. They're both very fun guns, but something weird happens with them. Since I've bought them a couple months ago, from the very beginning, the doominator has very weak range when firing normally, and almost double/triple the range when slamfiring. The strongarm is the opposite, it fires well normally but the slamfire is horrible. When the dart fires it makes a loud if the air is being let out some how, and the dart barely falls out of the chamber. I've opened the strongarm and looked it over several times, and tried finding out what the issue is, but I can't figure it out. Any ideas?

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