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    Please include link to product.

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  • 01/28/16--18:26: Demolisher vs. Rapidstrike
  • Looking for insight particularly in the mobility category.

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    This is my first post here, hopefully I'll make it a good one. This is a write-up for a cheap chest harness that I use to carry ammo. It cost me a total of $3 at my local Goodwill. Lets get going.


    Parts list:


    -1 belt, sized to wrap around your chest.

    -2 belts, 36-48 inches long (longer for bigger people)

    -Alternatively: Use short suspenders instead of the 2 longer belts.


    Tools list:


    -Sewing machine or hand sewing needle and thread

    -Permanent marker



    STEP 1


    Source your belts, sized properly. The top belt is for my chest, and the two bottom ones will be my shoulder straps.



    STEP 2


    Wrap your chest belt around your chest, just below the xyphoid process. 


    Drape your shoulder straps over your shoulders. The buckles should rest on your collar bones, and the tail ends of the shoulder straps should go under the chest belt. The tails of each shoulder strap should cross over each other on your back.



    Double the shoulder strap tails back over the chest belt, and have a friend mark a point 1 inch past where the tail passes over the chest belt. Mark it with your permanent marker.



    STEP 3


    Cut the belt at the marks you or your friend made. (From this point I will refer to the ends that has the buckles as the buckle straps, and the ends that don't have the buckles as the tail straps.) Fold the cut portion of the shoulder strap over to create an overlap 1/2 inch wide. 


    Sew this 1/2 inch wide flap down. It will keep the end from fraying.


    My sewing machine does zig zags. I like zig zags, Zig zags are not required.


    Repeat this for each shoulder strap segment.


    STEP 4


    Loop the previously cut and doubled-over-sewn ends of each shoulder strap segment around the chest belt.


    Sew the shoulder strap segment together past the point where it crosses over the chest belt. DO NOT sew the shoulder strap segment ONTO the chest belt. You want to be able to slide the shoulder strap segments along the full length of the chest belt.


    Repeat this for each shoulder strap segment. Thread each strap onto the chest belt in this order: Buckle strap, tail strap, tail strap, buckle strap.




    STEP 5


    Put it on! Wrap the chest belt around yourself like a normal belt, buckle forward. Tighten it so that the chest belt is tight under a full breath and loose but still in place when you've fully exhaled. The buckle shoulder straps will be to your front. Scoot the buckle straps as close to the chest belt's buckle as you can.


    Now spin it around, so the tail straps are to your front and spread out armpit-width.


    Grab your buckle straps and drape them over your shoulder, crossing each other over your back.



    Attach the tail straps to the buckle straps and tighten them to your liking.



    If you like the fit, good. If it's too loose, shorten the buckle straps. Go ahead and take it off, we'll put our gear on it now.


    STEP 6


    Lay your harness out flat. The following spaces are available for gear mounting: between the short tail straps is the front of your harness, and between the buckle and tail straps are the left and right sides respectively. Thread on your gear. I am using 3D printed, double stack magazine holders and a doublestrike holster from my ebay page. ( If you're on a real tight budget, you could make holders from cardstock/cardboard and duct tape. Slide the shoulder straps on before and after to space out your gear properly.




    STEP 7


    Put it all on again! Follow step 5 again, this time with your holders properly attached. This style of harness will fit a holstered pistol under each arm and additional gear, like magazines, on the chest. This is how mine looks.




    I hope you were successful! This harness serves me well, and I hope you have a good time with it too. Thanks for reading!

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    Made to hold IV bags or water bottles, these things are freaking perfect for six 18 round extended clips. Comes with a shoulder strap attached and snaps on the back. (no MOLLE straps) The securing straps for each pocket doesn’t quite reach over the top of the clips – they're an inch or two short -- but for those inclined this can be remedied with some additional webbing or swapping in some shock cord. If you cut them off and reattach them they actually fit.


    You can hang it over you shoulder - it even works over the top of a chest rig; for example you have 6x18 in your chest rig, and have this hanging on the side for an additional 6x18. I added a "waist strap" to mine and it keeps it secure against my body and doesn't move around.


    The pockets are big enough that you can actually just squeeze three clips in each pouch for 9x18, but it's a bit snug.


    They seem to average between 10 and 12 bucks with shipping on Ebay: search for "MOLLE II IV Bandoleer" or "IV bandoleer"



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    I found a weird gun at toysrus that is a zombiestrike blowgun, I can't find any photos online, It looked pretty long with a slanted front barrel and the mouthpiece had a cross design where you blow in to it.


    It was on the end of an aisle and if anyone has any info I would like to know :)

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  • 02/06/16--23:35: Can i Trust Taobao
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  • 02/10/16--15:05: Nerf Battle Racer Ride On
  • Hi! So, I was browsing Amazon for Nerf stuff when I found this. 

    It looks like it is by a brand called Hauck. The company makes baby strollers and pedal go-karts. Strange, huh?


    The "racer" looks like it is either very big or very high quality, because it is over $300 on Amazon. It has a lot of the V-upside-down-v design that the Elite line has, dart storage, and... blaster storage? The seat looks comfortable, but the pedals look tiny. The website shows a little kid riding it, so I don't think it would be that battle effective, but more for just fun.


    It has the Nerf logo written all over it, and even says "Nerf or Nothing!" Could this mean this is official? I doubt it. The color scheme is strange, and the overall aesthetics don't fit that well with Elite blasters (in my humble opinion).


    The picture is below, sorry for it being so big (can someone tell me how to make the picture smaller?). Here is the webpage.




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    So I have this raider and I was reading up on modding it when I came across a post where the writer mentioned using the stock as a hidden gun but never went on to mention whether he or anyone else has done it. Nor have I seen it myself after a few hours of searching so I set out to make one. I had the raider and some unknown little orange "DTB".

    Hollowed out the grey part of the stock leaving about a half inch lip.

    Removed the plunger and barrel from the "DTB".(did usual ar removal and tape on the gasket mod)

    Glued the barrel part of the plunger to the tip of the barrel and sanded it done so everything was even and smooth.

    Glued that orange barrel to the inside of the stock.

    Now what I'm trying to accomplish is attaching the plunger to the blue section of the stock. Is there a way to drill a hole in the back of the plunger and bolt it in place and still keep it air tight?

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  • 02/13/16--12:15: thoughts of the Vulcan
  • i have heard its got some issues. but ever sense i seen it, i have wanted one and about 10+ foot of chain shouting out "say hello to my little friend" or something to that effect. 

    i hard people doing voltage mods to get faster rates of fire. though is there anything to make it more.. well consistent. or anything else one should know about this blaster. 

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  • 02/14/16--08:55: Nerf in my country
  • Hi there.

    My name is Alex and I live in Spain.

    There is not actually a massive nerf scene over here, and I usually play against friends and relatives.

    People of my age are more into PlayStation and that Stuff.  So not too many wars as you may guess


    What I am really interested in are mods? I enjoy watchhing mods for Nerf, and doing my own as well.

    My dad helps me on that, by the way.


    In our youtube channel I upload some of the modifications I make. Of course sometimes these donot work and nerf gun ends useless.

    ESTAFAMILY99 is the one you have to google!   My videos are mainly in English, though I am not an English speaking people, but as far as there is not a lot of people here fon of Nerf I thought it was a better idea.


    Enjoy it! I am enjoying this site.

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    Has Hasbro discontinued the Elite Longshot Repaint in the USA? I honestly like this blaster, and I don't know why TRU is straight out of stock.

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  • 02/15/16--18:01: Can Shootout
  • This is my first challenge (that will have an entry).

    Blasters (the only ones you need are a stock stryfe with a retaliator barrel and duracell alkaline batteries and a stock crossbolt)


    Darts (6 suction cup elites, 10 elites), (1 suction elite is pre-loaded in the crossbolt, the rest are in an old n-strike mag with 3 normal elites), (the remaining 7 elites are in another 6 mag), (all of the darts are well


    Target (you must use the same types of targets, as in similar size bottles and cans in the shape below), (ground below target is smooth, slick concrete), (scoring is # of cans/bottles knocked down)


    Distance (be prepared for some math), (a=farthest distance from tip of barrel to part of target, behind the center bottle, where the 2 center bottom cans meet), (b=tip of barrel), (c=point on ground directly below barrel), (ab=144 inches), (bc=34 inches), (ac=?), (use picture below for shape reference)


    My (and my friend's) entry, current





    Edit: Someone who has made it past algebra 1 (if I don't learn it soon) reply what ac would be.

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  • 02/16/16--21:00: Nerf rapidstrike parts
  • Does any one know were I can find a rapidstrike pusher arm by itself, I thought I saw one on Amazon but I re looked and could not find any thing and does any one know the diameter of the little wheel that spins thats under the pusher arm to push it forward? Sorry if its confusing.

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    I'm going off to school, so I'm going to start selling a few things. Before I do I wanted an opinion:

    I have a new-in-package thunderblast and a recon barrel extension. Would it be a better idea to sell them separately, or as one? (Meaning I chop off the back of the thunderblast and integrate just the front part as a detachable missle launcher.)

    Would you rather buy this for cheaper:

    Or this for a little more?

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  • 02/21/16--20:27: Rhino motors
  • Does any one know if this battery NiMH Battery Pack: 12V 1600mAh NiMH Battery (10x2/3A flat ) Packs EDF would work with rhino motors. I can't find any thing about the current and I don't want to use a lipo or trustfires, just good old NiMH.

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    Hello. I love nerf wars but all the hosts supplies bad darts so they are jamming all the time. What is a gun that shoots them without jamming but still has good power. I can do most baisc mods(air restrictors, batteries, etc.) and i do not care if it has a clip or not or if it is electric or not. I do like springers because there not as loud but i dont care that much to be honest.  All feed back is appreciated. 

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    Hello! I live in Russia, and I am here because I was trying to google about NERF in Russian and only found kids’ YouTube channels where they unpack not-so-good guns and say “Oh, this gun is so cool!” to whatever gun they see, like Nerf Elite Rhinofire.


    It tried to google in English, but most part of info was largely disorganized, so finally I am here, told by some of your beginner guides that I should only start a thread as a neonate nerfer if I have something to offer. Well, I think I have, because only 4 members out of ~15,440 have chosen Russia as their country in profile, all of them have posted 0 posts, and I am russian. Probably the western community will also have something to learn while I learn something about it. :)


    So, firstly, I want to give you a quick intro into russian combat games. The shortest intro would probably be “there is almost no place for NERF in here”. An a bit longer one is under spoiler.


    But NERF still has it’s own place in russian Live-Action Roleplaying (LARP). Yes, this niche is mostly occupied by airsoft (like all Fallout LARP games), but NERF has it’s advantage of being very, very safe, so some games choose it instead, as it allows to use no protective glasses. Yes, it IS safe, we have tested shooting people right in the eyes from point blank distances using NERF guns and it was proved to be totally harmless. Settings that involve NERF are not so famous, like “The Dune” by Frank Herbert, or “Vampire: The Masquerade” (oddly, the only part of World of Darkness setting that has LARP community about it) by White Wolf. Given that, it is easy to get to the conclusion about rules differing severely from setting to setting. So, here they are (some of them).


    1) Hitting a human in almost any setting makes him wounded. In some rulesets if you are hit in a limb it’s only a light wound and some settings allow armour. Hits in the head normally mean death.

    2) In “The Dune” by Frank Herbert NERF fits very well because weapons of this setting fire very slow ammunition. Normally you would need to name the weapon you are using, so your target understands the effect which can differ from losing a health point (which is like 5 for a warrior) to instant death.

    3) In games about Vampires, at least those set in “Vampire: The Masquerade”, you will need to hit vampire’s head to put him in “torpor”, from which he can stand up, but not so quickly. Humans are wounded if shot and die if don’t get medical treatment.


    Modding blasters is mostly unsupported if not prohibited by game masters, but actually some  people still do it as it’s kinda hard to check if it’s modded or overtune it. Most russians buy NERF from toy shops, paint them in any dark color (95% are black) and use unmodded.

    Like 80% of blasters are RapidStrikes. People like the idea of being able to shoot using one hand, as lots of games involve long melee weapons, and melee is a bigger priority than shooting for in-game reasons. I personally don’t like RapidStrike, as it is very inaccurate and very quickly you will find yourself out of ammo. Also I don’t like it that you have to press a button and wait before you can shoot, I like my gun to be always ready to fire a sniped shot. But from my own experience, it very rarely jams, and if you stick two mags together, you can basically fire 36 ammo, which is often more than enough for a firefight.

    Other 20% of guns are distributed in a not-so-known ratio, but I will describe why do russians choose them.


    I use Nerf Retaliator with a removed air restrictor (didn’t really feel the speed increase, though, even though now it feels as more accurate). I turn it upside down so it basically becomes a pump-action gun, but I have a lot of jams because I always try to reload faster than the mag can send ammo in the barrel. It feels a lot more accurate than other guns, though, so I even aim down sights if I need to eat shit sometimes, which is possible for stationary targets from like 15m.


    Rough Cut is treated as good due to no jams. I didn’t try it yet, but one of my friends likes it a lot.


    Some people use Strongarm due to being able to shoot 6 darts lot, lot faster than anything can, while remaining accurate and being totally free of jams. Tried it once, the only problem I figured out is that it can’t really fire damaged darts, while other guns can.


    What I plan to do in the next short period of time is to strive for a 1) compact 2) automatic 3) accurate 4) jam-free 5) carrying lots of rounds gun, so will learn what you have discovered in years of research, and will gladly answer any of your questions about russian combat games/NERF usage in LARP/just about russian LARP culture, which is different from western one.

    P.S. Wait, was I really inallowed to post two emoticons?

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  • 02/29/16--19:59: Recon Mk2 Not Working
  • So I just bought a Recon Mk2, and I figured that it would be the new one that accepted the 18-dart stick mags.
    unfortunately, I was wrong.

    How can I contact Nerf to get me a compatible one, or how can I fix this via mods?

    I spent $25 on something incompatible with 3/4s of what I use, I really need help here.

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  • 03/03/16--00:27: darts
  •  your seeing it as it Happens darts 



     the straw is roughly the same size as a nerf dart and using the NXT Generation Crossbow Projectile Foam on the inside then glueing a stream line dart head on.

    the friction i get from the dart post in the blaster makes it so you need a powerful blaster to expel it. Im getting good results from my modified wip blast using these,

    Attached Thumbnails

    • nerf co.jpg

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  • 03/08/16--18:03: whos darts?
  • Idk if this should be here or in the war section. I just got a nagging question. 


    Im thinking of setting up an event for just a couple friends and slowly growing it out. But, have this quesion... where do the darts come from? 

    Should i have people bring their own or buy a bunch of cheap ones for the group to use?


    If people bring darts, how do you know if your leaving with your darts. Id hate to bring new elites to leave with someones crunched up old ebay darts. 


    On the other hand. If everyone is shooting the same cheap darts, everyone will have same issues. Also you know none of the darts are tampered with. Plus no one crays over lost darts.


    Any input will be great. 

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