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Last 10 topics in the Nerf Wars forum

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  • 01/10/17--17:29: Mastadon issues
  • I have a Mega Mastadon blaster that is less than 3 weeks old & it just stopped working for no apparent reason.  Tried replacing batteries several times.  Has anyone had any issues like this and can recommend what to do next?

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  • 01/11/17--11:48: Rotofury catch issue
  • Hello, recently my Rotofury began to do some really odd things. Sometimes instead of engaging the trigger when the handle is in the forward position, it engages when it is in the rear. Pulling the trigger then results in a horrible click and the handle springs forward a bit. Pushing the handle forward after doing this will slamfire a dart regardless if the trigger is being held down or not. However, pulling the handle back instead of forward seems to reset the catch and the blaster will then fire as normal. i have opened up the blaster, however I am very confused due to the large amounts of parts. Has anyone else had a similar problem and/or know how to fix it?

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  • 01/13/17--18:27: Working spring sizes
  • I haven't found a post regarding stock spring that can work together, I have searched but I didn't find any so excuse me if there is such a post.

    Do you have any stock springs you don't know what to do with? Well here is the post for you.
    (Note, I can only upload combinations of springs and guns I actually have so any additions will be added)
    (Also note, most of these will work without some of the springs because I will be posting the max power

    1. The triad.
    Works with Jolt+Retaliator+(Fire strike if you sand the inside of the plunger head a bit).
    After a while, it will jam. Remove either the Jolt or the Retaliator spring.

    2. Strong arm
    Original spring+ triad spring. I'm not entirely sure if you need to remove the X thing on the head, I did this a while ago so I don't remember. Pretty loud and not entirely recommended.

    3. Mega Magnus
    Original spring+Jolt+strong arm
    Very powerful. I don't have a chronograph so I'm guessing about 2X the power? Sometimes you have to tug pretty hard to prime properly. If this is too annoying,remove the Jolt spring

    4. Cyclone shock
    Not much so far...

    If you have any suggestions please post them

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  • 01/15/17--08:04: WTB Stryfes
  • I will be modding these so non functional Stryfes in decent shape are my target. I can get them at Kmart for $20 today so I'm looking to spend $10 per blaster shipped.




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  • 01/16/17--17:10: Nerf prices skyrocket
  • I am the only one who has notcied that nerf guns and ammo alike has gone up in price? I have noticed on amazon that prices are double and even worse are not being sold by prime, But by third party sellers who over charge. Example: Amazon use to sometimes give sales like making the nerf rival zeus 36 dollars instead of 50. But even worse now its more than 50 its like around 60 dollars. What is happening this isnt just with this gun its with a lot of them. Can someone please tell me how long this will last? Or if you have noticed this to? Or if you know when this nightmare will end? From my perspective this rising in prices on amazon mostly started happening after christmas ended. During the beggining of 2017. If anyone knows of a website that is better than amazon that sells nerf guns that is not ripping me off and not constantly going out of stock please let me know. Thank You

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  • 01/16/17--23:36: Nerf titan trouble
  • Hello I am quite new to modding and this being my secound mod. I am having issues with my Titan I am trying to unscrew the stock barrel (and when I got it I did accidentally screw it on untill it "clicked") but it isn't working.

    When I try turning it clockwise it moves but only about 20 degrees and then becomes unmovable because of the force required (and I don't want to break my blaster).

    However when I turn it anti-clockwise it doesn't have as much resistance but then it hits a block and can't be turned.

    Thanks and please help a newbie out!

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  • 01/18/17--13:10: Ace Silicone Grease?
  • So I've been using ace brand silicone grease, the packaging claims that it's safe for plastic and rubber. I recently read on Reddit that ace brand grease is bad for blasters, but I wasn't sure so I figured I would ask, thanks.

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    Hey everyone, so i was wondering how to remove the paint from a nerf while still keeping the ABS in tact and not making it brittle or destroying it completely. What has everyone used in the past\present to remove paint from your blasters?


    i personally have had great success with DOT 3 brake fluid soaked overnight. Paint just falls off while not damaging the ABS.

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  • 01/21/17--12:21: Need Apollo Help!
  • So I finally decided to mod my Apollo. Popped it open, took out the AR, took out the locks, put it back together, and it worked fine, for like 10 mins. The charging handle would slide freely, and engage the chamber, but not prime. Opened it up again. The weak middle  gear got stripped some, so I fixed that. closed up the gearbox and tried to prime, didn't work. Realigned the gears and that weird sliding ratchet teeth thing, and it did prime - kinda. It'll prime back, but once the charging handle is about 80% back, it'll fire, regardless of the catch or trigger or anything. Once it does this, the sliding gears are out of alignment and then it's basically inoperable again until I realign it.

    I have no idea what to do.

    EDIT: after manually pushing the plunger back, it caught, and fired, meaning the problem is in the gearbox (I'm thinking that the gears slipped and let the plunger drop when it was mostly primed). Looked at the gears again and the middle gear (between the large main gear and the flanged gear) is totally fried and unusable. Does anyone make replacements of these? Otherwise I need a donor Apollo or this gun is done forever.

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  • 01/23/17--15:08: Walgreens weird blasters.
  • Hello!

    So a few years back now, I found these at a Walgreens in Maine, USA. Since then I have looked for info, but I have found VERY little. I would love it if anyone had any info on these.

    All orange nite finder.
    All white maverick.



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  • 01/23/17--19:32: Nerf Khaos broken magazine
  • So i purchased a second hand Khaos the other day. I loaded new batteries into it, and it wouldn't work. After spending an hour, and a half or so taking it apart and putting it back together I finally realized that it wouldn't work because the top part of the magazine was missing. Everything else is fine with it, and after spending the time i have on it i'd rather get it working than return it, is there anyway to replace the part i'm missing?

    Tl;dr The top part of the magazine is missing, and I'd like an idea on how to replace it.


    Edit: Added picture links so you all can help.





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  • 02/03/17--03:22: Good nerf gear site
  • Hey guys I am looking a site that sells nerf holsters and nerf gear and stuff. Not blastersmith I have had bad experiences whith them. So the name of a store from the usa would be a ton better. Or an online site or something. Just as long as it dosnt take 4 months like blastersmith uuuuuhhhhgggggg!!!

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    Can anyone name this blaster? It's upper half spins 180 degrees to become either a dart blaster (fires old school megas) or the other way to be used as a soaker...1486168331405-2028214088.jpg 148616838333034641267.jpg 1486168422684-415147230.jpg

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    Hi I live in new york city  looking for someone who knows good thrift stores and goodwills to get cheap nerf guns at? If anybody knows of good stores for me in new york city please let me know and give me directions to that store. I do prefer a store somewhere in brooklyn more than any of the other burrows. Thanks

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    So at work, our nerf wars have begun an arms race of foam. Our IT Support team are packing more varied blasters and our IT developers are packing more tactical gear. Its interesting times as we are getting ready for an April HvZ.

    My question to the nerf world is, do the Molle style FastMag double holders work for the 22s or just the 18s and below?

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    So at work, our nerf wars have begun an arms race of foam. Our IT Support team are packing more varied blasters and our IT developers are packing more tactical gear. Its interesting times as we are getting ready for an April HvZ.

    My question to the nerf world is, do the Molle style FastMag double holders work for the 22s or just the 18s and below?

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  • 02/13/17--19:56: How to nerf?
  • I'm starting a San Diego Nerf wars and need to learn these people some nerf.



    -Marksman class? 24 round max? arm/leg shots tag out.


    -Medic class?  Pistol only, Heal/revive? idk?


    -Commando class? ANY AND ALL blasters, unlimited ammo. Counts at 5-15 in the battle field. Takes two body shots to tag out.


    -Melee Ninja class, Foam Sword and shield. Sheilds break in 3 shots. You can deflect darts like a jedi.


    -Grenadier class,  All the plushy/socks you can carry.  Even if you are hit in the hand/foot or ricochet your tagged out.




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  • 02/14/17--16:27: sledgefire sidesaddles
  • does anyone make a 3D printed or otherwise side saddle shell holder for the sledgefire?

    they are fairly common on real steel assault shotguns:



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  • 02/18/17--11:27: Tacticool foam
  • Does anyone know if this company is still trading and if they ship to the UK?

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    Nerfers, I come to you all today with a plea to end the careless slaughter of innocent blasters. Day after day, dozens of majestic Stampedes; colorful Rayvens; and even the humble shrubbery-dwelling Firefly, have fallen prey to horrible deaths to satisfy the modding community's ever growing greed for better-looking primaries. The video below may shock you, but it shows in plain detail the atrocities that are committed against these helpless toys as some are wastefully sacrificed for the benefit of others.





    Before Coop needs some bike shorts, I must admit that I too have taken part in the slaughter of these innocent creatures:




    Yes this post is a joke, but in all seriousness: I want to keep integrating cool shells, but I don't want to keep destroying functioning blasters, especially those that are no longer being produced.


    I want to get a thinktank going to come up with ways of efficiently replicating cool NERF shells without having to destroy more of the only motorized bullpup (in stock form of course) in existence, or the only practical full-auto springer I know of.


    I've looked into resin casting a bit, even read some supah-old posts on here about vaccuforming, but haven't found a "YES! THAT'S IT!" solution yet. I've considered entering the 3D printing world, but realized quickly that the size of the back half of a Stampede may be too big for many consumer-level printers.


    This is a call to anyone with experience in any of these areas, or anyone who has an idea of a new area to explore. I feel like this could be a big game-changer.


    I've already seen people like this making clear duplicate nerf parts, which makes me think how cool it would be to be able to create a clear version of any blaster ever. Or making a purple rapidstrike without having to paint it? Endless possibilities here...

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