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Last 10 topics in the Nerf Wars forum

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    Hello there!


    Recently I picked up a blue Strongarm at the store immpressed by overhelming positive feedback from other nerfers. However, it looks like mine got some lemon going on with it: sometimes blaster will fire before priming handle was pulled all the way back, and sometimes dart will just fall out instead of flying. These issues happen like once each per turret, +- 2 bad shots in every 6 shots. Other 4 are good and sound as any other Elite.


    If any of You out there who encountered such a problem, or knows how to solve it, I would really appreciate the help!

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    I was wondering if anyone knows a Nerf group and or Nerf war location in New York. I prefer if it was in New York city but if anyone knows of anyone it would be appreciated.

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  • 11/25/16--09:41: Beginners Flywheel Mod
  • Hi im a serious noob for modding. Im looking for the easiest and best mod for a flywheel and one that does not catch my gun on fire. Also I have never modded a flywheel before accept for lock removal so I will need an easy one please tell me the mod give me the easy guide and tell me the blaster to buy if you can. THANKS!!!


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  • 10/27/16--17:12: Elec springer vs flywheel
  • So which is better. I am currently working on a odd integration (swarmfire+firefly) and I'm curious which type of battery powered firing system is better

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    I attended this convention and I want to answer any questions that you may have and not leave Nerfhaven out of the loop.  A lot of people have strong feelings about Xplorer, Milsim Nerf and Nerf in general, I respect that.  I respect that things that would get banned from a NIC war, and for it's venue, rightfully so (like a camo blaster at Armageddon for example), but would be essential for a War competition at a Singapore play field.  We here in America, can play in parks legally, and I want to keep it that way too :)

    I have been in serious talks with this company to possibly work with them, maybe part/full time live in Singapore to design blasters and help the company. I must say, I am Fascinated by their philosophy and attitudes towards Nerf. However, I need feedback, Honest feedback, this is a startup company that feels modders, from what I understand talking with Jason Wu, the Chief Executive, should utilize their skills to make better products, not be ignored.  Not fight amongst ourselves, but more work together.  I feel that if the NIC in America is not heard or considered properly at least somewhere in their product line, the result will be underwhelming.  I discussed that we need to consider all regions of Nerf when they make a product so that it is not one sided for one region.  And also that if a shell/blaster/kit that they make, may it be made for 14kg's out the door to limit liability, should be designed for as high as a modder can reasonably take it (for example they would make a longshot 14kg's out the door, it should be made for 32 kg's of spring force). 

    But at any rate feel free.



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  • 12/01/16--18:58: NERF part dimensions
  • Hi guys!
    So I'm currently looking at trying to convert my Longstrike to a Stryfe-Strike (better performance in my opinion. Sorry plunger fans..) and I'm trying to find the dimensions for the Stryfe motor cage and pusher mechanism so I can determine how much space I'm gonna need to make to fit them as such. If anyone knows or has these dimensions, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 12/02/16--13:42: Imr batteries and charger
  • Title should explain what I'm asking about, but can someone please link me some 14500 imr batteries and a charger? Cheap would be preferable, along with it being on amazon if possible, but whatever works is best.

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  • 12/03/16--09:38: 3D printing in Nerf
  • What is the best program for creating nerf parts through 3D printers?


    I've looked at several but I cannot figure out which would be the cheapest/ still able to make reliable homemade parts for nerf.




    Is there anywhere that I can pick up premade stl files that I can just use in a 3D printer?

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  • 12/08/16--09:44: FalconFire is now on amazon
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    Hello there!


    So I got myself an Alpha trooper Elite recently and I really dig it, comparing to other spring elites I got, however there is slight, but annoying problem with it- most not fresh new darts, will just fall through the barell if pointed downward. It may be not a big deal, but using cover 90% requires lowering the barell, thus losing one shot, dry firing it, and priming again.

    My question: Is it an AR pushing too hard? Is AR removal gonna help? Or is losing dart peg will make it worse and all darts will fall through the barrel?


    Please help.)

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  • 12/11/16--08:01: Centurion Test Fire

    I have just recently uploaded a video of me using a Mobile Vr headset to record usage of nerf guns in a "POV". 

    I wanted to know if anyone had some opinions on this? Should I keep making videos like these? Should I stop? Could it possibly be helpful to some people?

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    Just a quick test, I guess, on a few things



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    I know a lot of people think flywheels are king. But I wanna know what the best springers you can bring to a nerf war are. I have an alpha trooper unmodified if there are any other blasters that our better please let me know.


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  • 12/25/16--21:51: Nerf for child without arms
  • yeah, this is a weird request. I was recently asked if there was a blaster that could be remote fired or as he said "hands free". There is a guy looking for a blaster for his son who was born with no arms. To be exact, he said "My son was born without arms and will be firing the gun from his armpit or toe using a remote micro switch." Is there a nerf (or any foam flinger) that has a remote switch? My best guess was taking apart a terrascout and making something custom but he was asking if there is something stock.


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    Hello again. I was preparing to deliver a modded CS-6 to my friend for christmas the other day and decided to perform a test fire with it. I inserted a mag I normally use for my Longshot (zombie strike) and went to prime it but the forward priming motion was getting "stuck" and refused to slide forward.


    At first I thought the blaster was damaged somehow in storage but I remembered that the blaster came with its own 6 round mag as well.


    I inserted that mag and it fired just fine with only the occasional jam from darts getting lodged in the bolt. I searched to try and find information about this unique kind of jamming but searching anything with "Nerf" and "prime" led me to amazon for the most part and searching "Nerf Magazine Jam" lead me to tutorials on how to fix the mag spring.


    Does anyone know what might be causing this phenomena?



    long-strike white with a fresh orange works immortal mod installed 7kg spring all parts used.

    No abnormal behavior from the blaster that I am aware of besides this and the dart lodging jams.

    Longshot magazine is a see through mag (one side) that holds 6 rounds, it came with my elite model stryfe.

    Longstrike magazine is a solid mag (no see-through plastic) that holds 6 rounds



    the elite model mag causes the forward prime motion to jam.

    the solid mag allows a smooth priming motion.

    This issue started after taking the blaster out of my car trunk where it stayed for 3 weeks. It was wrapped in a towel for protection during this time.

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  • 12/29/16--09:39: Ripoff magazines
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    Most of you are familiar with the Tri-Strike, and I actually had the thought of resting the thing on the ground and using the ground as something to brace it against, to not only improve range and accuracy, but also to keep my shoulder from getting bruised to all hell.


    So I started using it like one of these: maxresdefault2.jpg


    That is Ian from Forgotten Weapons with a Japanese Type 89 "knee mortar". Note that he has the launcher and the tube resting on the ground at an angle.


    So I took the general idea of how the "knee mortar" was used, and I applied it to Nerf. 20161229_223431.jpg


    In this case, the Demolisher stock provides a comfortable grip and a fixed rest to brace the launcher module against the ground, and the Tri-Strike stock is extended, rather like a plunger detonator for dynamite. The stock, being separated from the blaster module and braced solidly on the ground, can have one's entire body weight pushed into the stroke and this increases accuracy by not throwing the barrel off via the recoil of shoving the stock forward. High velocities and highly controllable groups were what I found trying this tactic out. 20161229_224558.jpg


    This can also be a flexible tactic- The pump can be  braced on walls, solid furniture, or trees and the flexible tube means that you can point the tube like a pistol and not lose accuracy due to the force you exert on the pump, making it good for shooting around cover as well as good for direct and indirect fire.


    So, I hope you enjoyed this little experiment and I hope you'll consider trying this tactic!

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  • 01/02/17--20:36: Stampede
  • So I got a Stampede for free awhile back. I used a voltage meter. The motor has power. Put in fresh batteries. Locked up everything nice and right. Made sure jam door is locked. Mag is in. Switch is down. And still no power.

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  • 01/03/17--10:20: JSPB C5 Sight is Badass
  • I've never seen anyone post about the awesome sight that 3DBBQ designed for the C5 Launcher. It snaps onto N-Strike rails and looks cool as hell.


    You can buy the STL file from the JSPB site for two bucks and print it on your own machine.


    2017-01-03 13.11.14 scaled.jpg

    2017-01-03 13.11.23 scaled.jpg

    IMG_20170102_192325 scaled.jpg

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  • 01/09/17--06:00: Help with Taobao
  • So I'm in the middle of moving out of my house and I'm trying to work with taobao and I'm struggling with it. I'm a bit fusturated and I decided to use a taobao agent to make it easy and focus on the move.
    I figured that instead of giving my money to some random person outside of this country I could offer to pay someone in this country to order me some crap. If your interested throw me a PM. If not I'll give my money elsewhere.

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