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Last 10 topics in the Nerf Wars forum

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    Fairly self-explanatory. Do you bother with shields? Do you like/dislike them? Do you permit them in your wargames? Does a good portion of your Nerf club use shields, or are they considered a rare encumbrance?

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    Hi everyone, I'm not trying to advertise or anything, but the Retaliator now has a slam fire kit! This kit was made by AtchAttachments, and you can buy it here. Bobololo also did a video on it.


    Attached is a picture from the Etsy page. il_570xN.988754010_juce.jpg

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    Hey, everyone, I wanted to just let you know that I was at Dollar Tree earlier today when I noticed that they were selling the X-Shot Micro there (thereby making it literally the best dart-slinger in the entire store, bar none), with a change in stickers and they include a few plastic target cans, and despite being an X-Shot product, they do not have any branding from the manufacturer.


    And because pics or it didn't happen: 



    Everything it came with, except the darts cringes at calling those projectiles that come with it "darts"


    The pistol compared to my hand.


    The dollar store dart throws up on saying that compared to an Elite. The head is black and a plastic, straw-like tube extends through the length, like the crap sticky darts that came with the original (pre-Elite) Clone Trooper Blaster.

    And a PSA: I tried the darts it came with and it was lucky to make it ten paces. But, I shoved an Elite Dart into it and it immediately got Jolt preformance. It was visibly slower than my modded Firestrike, but let's be honest, no Jolt-style pistol can beat a Firestrike with an insane spring combo.

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    when they have a an Elite Easyloadstrongarmwiththebitstakenoff?


    Make your own.

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  • 10/15/16--09:01: Big salvo blast button
  • I want to make a big salvo shoot two tanks like a shotgun but I have no experience with airblasters and especially back pressure tanks. Basically i want to know what blast button would work to fire two tanks at the same time. I saw an old video of 'bOOm13' where he had his on his 'nerf big bad bow/ big salvo mod integration' which I wish to do the same as well but I dont know what the button was he used. He did have a link to his write up but it says post no longer exists.

    Thanks in advance

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  • 10/17/16--06:32: Battery tray issue
  • In my rayven a while back I shorted the springs in the battery try and they lost there extension properties... anyone know how to restore them so my batteries aren't loone anymore?

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    So I'm currently trying to get my hands on a Buzz Bee Destiny but my local Target doesn't sell any Buzz Bee blasters.  I know Walmart sells them but the closest Walmart is 30 minutes away and I'm not willing to go that far to get this blaster.  Fredmeyers is close by but I never really payed any attention to Buzz Bee so I don't know if they have any if their are any stores near my area please let me know.  I live in Seattle, WA near Northgate Mall.

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  • 10/21/16--07:46: Hello
  • Hello my name is Bryan and this is literally my first post. Sorry in advance if this is in violation of something but I'm pretty sure there is nothing against it.

    So I have been nerfing for about 2 years on and off. Not really seriously just something to do when exams were over.

    My first 'mod' failed miserably. I was like ''I'm pretty sure I don't need this'' and cut off half the plunger tube XD. The result was a broken retaliator and extra parts for my rampage. So after a few weeks I tried again with the rampage. I upped the trigger spring, enhanced the seals and doubled up on spring power. The result was a pretty beefy rampage. Next I modded darts. Basically I removed the rubber tips and put steel nuts in their places. They didn't have much range but they were super accurate and hard hitting. Sadly mom threw them out when we were moving.

    So just a few days ago, I bought a jolt and a triad (nerf guns sell for 2 times the cost in offline stores in Korea...). When I got home I disassembled the jolt. I was like wut? There is nothing I can do. I didnt want to risk breaking it... so I added tape to the seals and that was it. The triad however... fired 2 darts at once. So I was ok with breaking it accidentally. But NOPE the gods decided that 2 of the screws needed hulk to loosen them... and I still haven't opened it...

    Thanks for reading I'm excited to participate in this community. But a few questions:
    1. Ultra high end air rifles. By which I mean the air rifles that shoots real bullets very far. Has anyone tried modded one of those or even shooting a nerf dart out of one?

    2. What is the maximum recommended spring strength for a jolt? I mean I don't really think it can handle a cut k26 or a ace 69 spring...

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  • 10/22/16--09:16: Retaliator Mod help
  • Hi. After modifying my Retaliator, it wouldn't prime all the way back. Here is what the internals look like:


    Also, I found a black ring when I opened it up. Where should it go?


    Thanks for the help!

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    According to this video, made by someone I can assume is Chinese, managed to get a Double Breech from Taobao, and apparently, it's mechanically just a Buzz Bee Baron with a more complicated firing mech.


    TL;DR, pass this thing up immediately.

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  • 10/24/16--15:24: HvZ primary
  • hey I'm relitivaly new to nerf and I would like some advice on what i should run for this hvz event .

    I have...

    -a big bad bow with a cpvc pipe in it 

    -a stock stryfe 

    -a retalator with a spring addition and the ar removed

    -a stock doominator

    -a buzz bee desteny

    -a modded buzz bee eat shit 

    -a zing bow 

    -a cross bolt 


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  • 10/27/16--17:12: Elec springer vs flywheel
  • So which is better. I am currently working on a odd integration (swarmfire+firefly) and I'm curious which type of battery powered firing system is better

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    I attended this convention and I want to answer any questions that you may have and not leave Nerfhaven out of the loop.  A lot of people have strong feelings about Xplorer, Milsim Nerf and Nerf in general, I respect that.  I respect that things that would get banned from a NIC war, and for it's venue, rightfully so (like a camo blaster at Armageddon for example), but would be essential for a War competition at a Singapore play field.  We here in America, can play in parks legally, and I want to keep it that way too :)

    I have been in serious talks with this company to possibly work with them, maybe part/full time live in Singapore to design blasters and help the company. I must say, I am Fascinated by their philosophy and attitudes towards Nerf. However, I need feedback, Honest feedback, this is a startup company that feels modders, from what I understand talking with Jason Wu, the Chief Executive, should utilize their skills to make better products, not be ignored.  Not fight amongst ourselves, but more work together.  I feel that if the NIC in America is not heard or considered properly at least somewhere in their product line, the result will be underwhelming.  I discussed that we need to consider all regions of Nerf when they make a product so that it is not one sided for one region.  And also that if a shell/blaster/kit that they make, may it be made for 14kg's out the door to limit liability, should be designed for as high as a modder can reasonably take it (for example they would make a longshot 14kg's out the door, it should be made for 32 kg's of spring force). 

    But at any rate feel free.



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    Okay, so I've loaded fresh new batteries into my unmodded Rapidstrike, (standard not XD), and I go out to use it. After a few minutes without problems, I tried to rev the motors but they wouldn't power up! Still has not worked. A few days later, I loaded a different set of batteries and it revved once or twice but then didn't accelerate. What Should I do? No mods exept for adjustable stock and removing the rubber dart curtain. Checked all locks and nothing should be keeping it from revving. Please help as this is my favorite gun.

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  • 11/05/16--21:28: Before Coming to Korea
  • by reading this post, you have been warned not to expect much in the way of nerf from korea.


    1. 2X the cost on most products.

    the cheapest strong arm costs 17000 won which is about 20 dollars. its in a market called dongdaemun which is half way across the city. also never buy at a place called e mart. they sell elite dart packs for 18000 won, jolts for 7000 won, triads for 9000 won and the modulus for 90000 won. thats 20, 9, 10 and 100 dollars respectively. all i found on markets so far are the ones mentioned before plus the mega magnus, cyclone shock,mega darts, firefly, fireshock, retaliator, rampage  and the recon. not that big of a selection....  all old stuff....i want a big shock....


    2. no power tools.

    no power tools in a standard household. i dont have any, my friends dont have any, no one i know has ANY power tools. i have a bunch of multitools, superglue and sandpaper. thats it. all i have to work with....


    3. no hardware stores.

    the nearest hardware store is about 30 minutes by subway. they sell SHI*. any place which claims to be a 'hardware store' just sells locks and keys. they arent even good ones either. i can bust one open in about 3 minutes. THEY DONT SELL SPRINGS, SCREWS OR NUTS. none of the things a standard US store would carry.


    I am having a really hard time nerfing in this country... somebody plz help.

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    No doubt about it, the stock centurion sucks. its big, unwieldy. has a lot of dead space. has this weird reverse plunger system... thing. its accuracy is through the floor and is on its way to hell. its the only mega with a clip so no spare mags, no capacity upgrades unless you MAKE mega clips (in which case plz send one my way XD).



    the only good side is apparently is that its big, so intergrations and internal work is easy. or so im told. the shell does look kinda cool but whats inside is what counts.


    anyone have a good modded centurion? or a link to one? or know someone who knows someone who knows someone who does? the centurion looks like it should give the person who got hit a good bruise. imagine what a NORMAL plunger that BIG with something like 1264823726348 k26 springs behind it. it might be the first nerf gun to reach relative velocities XD. cant someone 3d print something like that? PLZ IF YOU HAVE ONE PLEASE SHOW IT OFF TO THE WORLD. NOBODY WILL COMPLAIN ABOUT YOU SHOWING OFF.

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  • 11/07/16--13:44: Tactical vest??!?!
  • So as you can probaly tell by the title I am wondering about tactical vests for nerf. In particular does anyone know if this would work for 18 round nerf mags?(And quite possiblely 20 round buzz bee mags)

    I need some form of rig for hvz/wars so any suggestions I could get for holding many mags would be much appreciated. If someone knows another way of going about this which would be relatively inexpensive that would be great too.

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    Hey guys,


    So this is my first post on here. I have recently bought the Alpha Trooper mission kit, and when I fire it, 90 percent of the time, the darts jam. Is this normal? Ii found out that the darts it came it have a the T letter code on it. And every time I fire the T letter code darts, it works, But with the other ones, no. Please help me, as I can't refund it, threw away the receipt!



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    Want to start something consistent in the area. I am in kingwood. Where are ya'll at so we can do it?

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  • 11/18/16--03:21: Help with indoor Nerf ideas
  • So i have 5-6 friends that we get together and have a mini Nerf war with each other. We have access to this medium sized basketball quart that we usually play on. We set up chairs and sometimes bring portable tables to use as cover. Mostly we just do an easy game of shooting each other and I was just wondering if there were any other types of games that would be fun and possible to play.  Thanks.

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