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Last 10 topics in the Nerf Wars forum

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    This can be anything from the Elite line to body kits to mass-produced stefans, etc., but basically, what do you think are the most significant of advances in Nerf, how we mod, how we play, and how we have otherwise advanced as a community since 2006?


    I think the most significant advances are (and why for those of you that are new to the hobby or this platform):

    1. 18-round and 22-round stick magazines. Back in the old days of '06-'11, most mag-fed blasters could only hold six shots. 18-round mags and later 22-round mags were a huge deal, especially when most mag-fed blasters were still springers and had a slow ROF.

    2. Flywheel blasters that feed from magazines. Before these, the fastest ones could shoot without belts, pumping or front-loading darts was the Recon, Maverick or Longshot. With flywheels and mags came the ability to rapidly reload and fire, giving close-quarter players a lot more of an edge and a solution to the inherent inaccuracy of Nerf darts.

    3. The Elite line. In '06-'11, most Nerf guns were reverse plunger and engineered to be poor. With the Elite line, mod potential skyrocketed due to direct plungers and they shot much, much harder (up to 40 harder%) than their stock predecessors.

    4. Drop-in kits. Don't want to go through the hassle of carefully Dremeling out your own bolt sled out of brass, hot-gluing coat hanger pieces to reinforce your bolt sleds and other various homebrewed solutions to modding? Well, now most people can "drag and drop" parts into their blasters and make them shoot much harder, with a minimum of tools and expense. And drop-in kits are EVERYWHERE these days, and companies are making entire kit blasters that one can assemble themselves with a screwdriver, hobby knife, Allen keys, and the like to get 200FPS Nerf blasters.

    5. The Rival line and the Elite dart. The Rival line brought back the idea of foam balls being an ammo type that didn't suck and blow at the same time, while having a much higher muzzle velocity than dart blasters and much better accuracy indoors, while the Elite Dart bridged the gap between the older Suction Micro, Sonic Micro/Whistler, Streamline and other various types of darts. Not only that, but the sheer amount of things that Elite darts and their magazines could use spawned the Buzz Bee Elite-compatible darts and N-Strike compatible magazines, which effectively forced the entire industry (save for BoomCo because they're weird) to standardize on that style of dart. This gave us FVJ's, Kooshes, waffle-tips, Accustrike, Accufake, nipple-tip, Z-Patterns, Super Darts, etc, etc, effectively giving us free reign over what ammo to choose in what colours and nearly every Nerf gun in existence uses the same darts (apart from vintage blasters with their own ammo types, Megas, which are also standardized, as are Rival balls).

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  • 11/19/17--12:21: my custom nerf loadout
  • this is my nerf loadout with my custom nerf longshot, i sdpent like 12 hours on it, no h8 please  :)





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    Hey everyone,

    So i have a doublestrike and the screws are rusted.Literally the screws have a flat top instead of being a Phillips head. Anyone know what i should do to remove them?

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  • 12/09/17--20:51: Catching darts?
  • NOTE: Yes, I know that it's very, VERY unlikely that someone will catch a dart you fire at them, this is more or less just a topic I want some opinions on.

    So, let's say that you fire a dart at someone in a war and they, by some miracle of the gods, manage to catch it before it hits them. Since it touched their hand, does it count as a tag? Or since they stopped the dart by grabbing it, does that count as a block?

    What about if the dart would have missed but they catch it? Does that change anything?

    Let me know what you think about this situation.

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    For those of you who don't know (which is very few), LighTake is a Chinese wholesaler that sells third-party Nerf supplies and tactical gear for stupidly cheap. Currently you can get 1,000 Nerf darts from them for $23 US, get Worker 22rnd magazines for ~$10 each, and their inventory keeps growing (and their English keeps getting more and more unintelligible).


    So, what orders have you gotten from them? Are you satisfied with them? How was their customer service for you? How much did you pay for them? And would you recommend to hell and back any products they sell?

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  • 12/10/17--15:25: Nerf Mediator
  • This is my first post do correct me if I make any mistakes, 


    Today, I received the Nerf Mediator from Amazon. It is very compact and comfortable. It seems to be getting standard Elite Performance and appears to be comparable to the EAT.  It has two tactical rails, one on the top and one on the bottom. The grip and foregrip are both very comfortable. The mediator has an n-strike stock and barrel attachment points and two sling points. It features a raider style mag-port. It has a very simple paint job, but only on one side. I have not opened it up yet, but I will do that soon.




    Thank you

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  • 12/10/17--18:57: Terrascout problems
  • So I tried my Terrascout again and it still has the delayed left-right movement. But I drove it around for a bit again and it not only delays on the left-right movement, but it delays on the forward-backward too. Its batteries and the remote batteries are full, and the gun and elevating/depressing the gun work just fine, but the movement is delayed.


    How bad?


    Just to get it to respond to pressing the left-right stick all the way left took TWENTY-TWO SECONDS. Yes, I timed it.


    Is there a fix for this? Or am I just going to have to facepalm that I spent $280 Canadian on a pile of pig vomit that breaks down from normal use?

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  • 12/26/17--22:07: clear nitefinder
  • I just got a clear nitefinder from goodwill and I just wanted to know how rare are they?

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    This orange part in my hornet snapped it rests above the orange rod thingy. Could i epoxy glue it or would that not be strong enough? picture of the part is below.

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    Any time I try to use Accufakes in my Zombie Strike Longshot I hear a "puff sound and the dart doesn't leave the barrel. I tried some legit accustrike darts and this problem still occurred, but less often. With accufakes every shot fails and with accustrike it happens about once every 18 shots. Is there a way for me to fix this?

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    I am posting this topic because of a very strange issue my Stampede is having.
    I opened it up because it wasn't firing. Not because the plunger tube wont move, but because darts simply won't come out of the barrel.
    The weird thing is, if I manually assist the plunger tube forwards, it will fire.
    I have not replaced any parts or modified this blaster at all, expect of course for taking it apart and hooking it up to a LiPo battery.
    I am completely stumped, because this is odd behavior for a blaster.
    I apologize in advance for angling the camera too high for some of the video (I had my camera head mounted).
    I also apologize for saying 12 dart mag. I meant 6 dart mag.
    This is my first post, excuse the nonprofessional filming job. I also don't know how to use tags.
    I have no idea what's wrong, if you have any sort of question or comment, please leave it. I love my Stampede.
    Thanks guys!
    Video Link: 

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    I just thrifted a Nitron yesterday and fixesd a few issues with it. I love the ergonomics and want to eventually mod it. Anyways, after fixings some issues, I tried to run some third party discs through it, and it either jammed or didn't fire. I only have access to third party discs due to nerf brand being discontinued and expensive, so I don't know if it's an issue with the discs or the blaster. When I use the non nerf discs and pull the trigger, I hear a short electronic sound, and then it either jams, or doesn't even move a disc into the flywheel. Has anyone had issues with non nerf brand discs with a nitron, and is there any way to mod it to fire them?

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    Thantacles, MTB Ryan and I have been thinking for a while about how to empirically and efficiently measure the accuracy of various darts and blasters. The advent of chronographs and widespread fps testing has sparked an arms race in blaster performance, but for accuracy testing we're still mostly going by gut feel, or measuring how many darts hit a target at a certain distance, which is never the same between two people testing. The accuracy testing that Bobololo and Coop have done in their videos is great, but extremely time consuming, because they go through the video footage and mark the location of every dart hit by hand. We've thrown around ideas ranging from shooting a sheet of Play-doh to a big sensor grid based on capacitive or resistive touchscreen technology. But the one that seems to show the most promise so far is Computer Vision. Here's the criteria:

    Low hardware cost and construction time, so that this can catch on and we start seeing more empirical accuracy data. Giant sensor walls would require significant time, experience, and hardware to build.

    Empirical, with large data volumes. Not subject to people's aim. Additionally, having more data is better, eg the location of every dart on a target is better than just a group size number which is liable to subject to outliers, or a number for what percentage hit the target.

    Low testing effort. Play-do or inked darts require setting up for every test, and then you have to manually digitize them. You're probably not going to bother recording the location of every dart, and just measure group size, which doesn't give you as much to work with.

    So the solution we came up with on Sunday was to shoot the darts against a white wall, and place a microphone on that wall to record the impact of each dart. Take a video of the whole thing, and extract the frames that correspond to the audio spikes when the dart hits the wall, and then do a computer vision analysis of those frames to get a location for every shot. I've never done computer vision before, but I hear the OpenCV Python library makes it fairly straightforward. Let me know if you're interested in helping.

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  • 01/22/18--14:19: New nerfer
  • I just got into nerf a little more seriously than I did as a kid. I got a couple as a Christmas gift from my brother in law and now its spinning out of control. In a good way. My collection isnt much but Im having fun with it. No mods yet but maybe soon. Anyways just stopping in to say hi and looking for some good info.

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  • 01/23/18--19:06: Nerf Claymore! And question

    Here, we have a gel-ball claymore sold by NFStrike/LighTake and it's proven to be capable of launching Rival rounds/Stefans/anything you can put inside. I also noticed that it had a belt loop and the comments section mentioned the use of this device like a "suicide vest" and remotely "detonating" them from the chest or belt.


    My question is, how do you think the rules, should this item be common and/or the suicide-vest tactic be used, should work? Would there be a limit as to how many Claymores you can mount on yourself? Are you going to ban them from being used in a vest or belt? Are you going to not allow them in wars? Are you going to count the "detonation" as a self-tag? Or not because claymores are directional in their blast? Ban the tripwire for safety? Etc.

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  • 01/24/18--15:32: Springs
  • Having trouble contacting Orange Mod Works.  Does anyone know if the 7kg spring they offer for the Retaliator & Recon MkII is the same 7kg spring they put in the Longstrike Immortal kit?


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  • 01/25/18--16:59: Unglue
  • Some nerf gun parts are glued, not solvent welded, but glued.

    Does anyone know what glue nerf uses, and more importantly, how best to unglue?

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  • 01/26/18--08:13: PSA Cheap Blasters Amazon
  • I'm not sure if this warrants an entire topic, but I found some blasters that have been somewhat heavily discounted that haven't really been fully taken advantage of by this community yet.


    First off, the Boomco Halo Assault Rifle in Blue (looks better than in Red), is about half off. Grabbed myself one of these a couple weeks ago when it was a similar price. The package arrived in a huge box that wasn't properly sealed, but the item was still in new condition.




    Second, the Buzz Bee/Advenure Force Eradicator, basically a Retaliator with a shorter stock and longer barrel extension. What makes this good is that it's only $8, comes with 3 (as far as I know) Nerf compatible 10 round magazines, and 30 or so darts. From what I've seen, anything under the Adventure Force name on Amazon is usually super expensive, so this is a pleasant surprise.


    After a quick Google search, I couldn't even find pictures of the internals for this blaster, let alone any mods; so I picked one up. Haven't figured out what I'm going to do with it yet. Expect photos of guts in near future.




    I have no idea how long these discounts last, just wanted to spread the word. Sorry if this is old news.


    EDIT: feels like there should be a designated topic for discounted items. 

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  • 02/15/18--05:34: Slingfire reassembly
  • Hey, so I painted a slingfire and have reassembled it. I took out the part that locks the magazine unless you half prime it per se. However, there is a problem with the plunger rod not moving. Is there a way to fix this? Also, if someone could find a complete assembly guide that would be fantastic

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  • 03/02/18--06:28: Sling fire gear files
  • I was just wondering if anyone who has scanned the slingfire gear train could post a link to the files for them.

    On a side note, is 100 infil pla or abs stronger then the grey gears in the stock gear train. Im doing a repair on my slingfire, the gear that connects the lever gear to the other big gear sheared a tooth off because my brother doesnt know that if its stopped solid, stop pushing.

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